Elastomeric Membrane

The elastomeric membrane, a durable solution!

For decades, the elastomeric membrane has constituted a large part of the market, as it has demonstrated solidity and quality while being highly appreciated for its aesthetics. Moreover, it is perfectly adapted to our rigorous winter and it requires little maintenance. It is used both on residential and commercial roofs. Its durability is superior to other types of roofs with a lifespan of 25 to 40 years, depending on the process used. It is more expensive than conventional types of coatings, but it is a very profitable long-term investment. In addition, there are various warranties of the manufacturer. Without forgetting that it is much lighter than asphalt and gravel, which is greatly beneficial for the structure of the building. The elastomeric membrane, through its two-layer system, ensures an optimal sealing of your roof. Finally, it is available in several colors to satisfy all the tastes of our customers.


White Roof

Economic Benefit, But Mostly Ecological!

A white roof, conceived as an elastomeric membrane, is a roof whose surface is totally white and reflective. Its durability is extended because the sun’s rays are reflected, which allows the roof to maintain a lower temperature during hot summer temperatures. In addition, this type of roofing is now mandatory in several neighborhoods in Montreal, as this makes it possible to counter heat islands.

Without a shadow of doubt, there are several benefits to be gained from reflective roofs :

  • For the comfort of your household, this translates into a more comfortable and pleasant living environment while allowing a reduction in the energy bills related to air conditioning;

  • At the local level, this contributes to reducing the heat islands and lowering the ambient temperature in urban areas and avoiding the increasingly frequent phenomena of heat waves.


Asphalt Shingles

A solution that has proved its worth!

Most of the roof is made of shingle. This one has proved itself with the years and it is more and more durable. Most importantly, certain products offered by our suppliers have a limited lifetime warranty. A shingle roof may look simple at first glance, but several details should be considered during the work, to ensure a longer life on the roof. In addition, an eave membrane is necessary in order to protect water infiltration during freezing and thawing in winter. The surface of the roof must be completely enclosed by a vapor barrier under layer. Furthermore, the shingle is offered in several colors and in several models to satisfy the taste of each and everyone. For TOITURES KD, shingle roofing has no secrets.


Ventilation is an integral part of any type of roof, not only because it is required by the National Building Code of Canada (section 9.19), but also for its many benefits. The importance of having adequate ventilation is essential to keep the building in good condition and extend the durability of the roofing. Consequently, in summer, an overheated roof overhang has a direct impact on the comfort felt in the establishment. On the other hand, in winter, the roof must remain relatively cold and remain dry to avoid condensation and ice accumulation which can lead to water infiltration. Finally, it is important to choose the type and number of fans needed to ensure a good air flow of your roof.

The expertise of our evaluators will allow you to choose the right ventilation for your roof.



Our team is composed of certified tinsmiths who will be able to carry out works of ironwork to the height of your expectations. The tinsmithing is often the most visible part of the roof, so the work must be carried out with the utmost care. We can do fascia, chimney flashings, and architectural sheet metal, steel flashings on the perimeter of the roof, gutters and more. Several shapes, materials and colors are available to allow you to have a customized roof to your image. Furthermore, we are able to install skylight, ventilated architectural style and dome style and this of any dimension.

Repair and Modification

From time to time, to extend the life of a roof, it is possible to resort to repair. Indeed, most of the roofs can be repaired and this can save money. In many cases, a simple repair is much cheaper than performing a complete roof. Our team performs repairs on elastomer, asphalt and gravel roofing, as well as on shingle. Nevertheless, our know-how in carpentry assures you that any problem related to the structure of the roof is repairable. A repair carried out, according to the rules of the art of the trade, will make it possible to give a good look to your roof and will optimize with certainty the longevity of this one.

Snow Removal

Expecting is much better!

It may be important to have the snow removed on your roof during the winter when there is a lot of snow and temperature fluctuations. When the snow melts, it creates layers of ice, so this overweight of snow and ice can have serious repercussions on the condition of your roof. An overweight puts the structure of your roof in jeopardy and this can cause in the worst cases a complete collapse of the roof. Being attentive to the warning signs and take measures to prevent an accumulation of snow or ice are the best means to avoid the consequences of a roof collapse. Among other things, the provincial association of homebuilders of Quebec (APCHQ), immediately asserts that it is imperative to clear the roof as soon as the accumulation reaches 24 inches. If in doubt, it is best to have your roof inspected by experts. TOITURES KD performs snow removal on all types of roofing, commercial, residential, industrial, sloped or flat.

Be anticipating during our harsh winter!

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