Snow Removal

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Expecting is much better!

It may be important to have the snow removed on your roof during the winter when there is a lot of snow and temperature fluctuations. When the snow melts, it creates layers of ice, so this overweight of snow and ice can have serious repercussions on the condition of your roof. An overweight puts the structure of your roof in jeopardy and this can cause in the worst cases a complete collapse of the roof.

Being attentive to the warning signs and take measures to prevent an accumulation of snow or ice are the best means to avoid the consequences of a roof collapse. Among other things, the provincial association of homebuilders of Quebec (APCHQ), immediately asserts that it is imperative to clear the roof as soon as the accumulation reaches 24 inches. If in doubt, it is best to have your roof inspected by experts. TOITURES KD performs snow removal on all types of roofing, commercial, residential, industrial, sloped or flat.

Be anticipating during our harsh winter!

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