Elastomeric Membrane

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The elastomeric membrane, a durable solution!

For decades, the elastomeric membrane has constituted a large part of the market, as it has demonstrated solidity and quality while being highly appreciated for its aesthetics. Moreover, it is perfectly adapted to our rigorous winter and it requires little maintenance. It is used both on residential and commercial roofs. Its durability is superior to other types of roofs with a lifespan of 25 to 40 years, depending on the process used.

It is more expensive than conventional types of coatings, but it is a very profitable long-term investment. In addition, there are various warranties of the manufacturer. Without forgetting that it is much lighter than asphalt and gravel, which is greatly beneficial for the structure of the building. The elastomeric membrane, through its two-layer system, ensures an optimal sealing of your roof. Finally, it is available in several colors to satisfy all the tastes of our customers.

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